Search and retrieve XML artifacts

Typical Needs:

  1. Topics must be searchable via search and views so authors can find them
  2. Maps must be viewable to authors so they can see topic structure/li>
  3. Searching among thousands of DITA topics
  4. Link management: Tracking where each topic is reused. What points to me? What do I point at?
  5. XML artifacts must be retrievable back into the authoring tool
  6. XML artifacts (topics and maps) accessible to the translation tools, so they must be stored as nodes

Likely Implementation on Drupal

  1. Searching: use search and views to find topics, use menus, taxonomies and books to find maps
  2. Retrieval of XML artifacts will depend on how the authoring tool stored the artifact: load content from GIT repository, a blob in a node or multiple chunks in nodes, menus, taxonomies or books